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Prof. Y. H. Ku in Who's Who in the World

Who’s Who in the World

Ku, Y. H., engineering educator; b. Wushi, Kiangsu, China, Dec. 24, 1902; came to U.S., 1950; s. Ken-Ming Ku and Ching-Su Wang; m. Wei-Zing Wang, Apr. 1, 1929; children: Wei-Lien, Wei-Ching, Wei-Wen (Mrs. Chi-Liang Hsieh), Walter, John, Victor, Anna (Mrs. Yuk-Kai Lau). S.B., MIT, 1925, S.M., 1926, Sc.D., 1928; M.A., LL.D., U. Pa., 1972. Prof. elec. engring., head dept. Chekiang U., China, 1929-30; dean engring. Cen. U., China, 1931-32; pres. Central U., 1944-45; dean engring. Tsing Hua U., China, 1932-37; vice minister Ministry Edn., Republic of China, 1938-44; edn. Commr. Shanghai, 1945-47; pres. Nat. Chengchi U., Nanking, 1947-49; vis. prof. MIT, 1950-52; prof. U. Pa., 1952-71, prof. emeritus. 1972- ; hon. prof. Jiao-Tong U., Shanghai, 1979- , Xi’an Southwestern and Northern, 1985- , Northeastern U. Tech. and NW Inst. Telecommunications, 1986- , S.E.U. Nanjing, 1988- ; cons. Gen. Electric Co., Univac, RCA. Author: Analysis and Control of Non-linear Systems, 1958, Electric Energy Conversion, 1959, Transient Circuit Analysis, 1961, Analysis and Control, of Linear Systems, 1962, Collected Scientific Papers, 1971; poems, plays. Novels, essays in Chinese Collected Works, 1961; Woodcutter’s Song, 1963; Pine Wood, 1964, Lotus Song, 1966, Lofty Mountains, 1968, The Liang River, 1970, the Hui Spring, 1971, the Si Mountain, 1972, 500 Irregular Poems, 1972, The Great Lake, 1973, 1000 Regular Poems, 1973, 360 Recent Poems, 1976, The Tide Sound, 1980, Hidtory of Chan (Zen) Masters, 1976, History of Japanese Zen Masters, 1977, History of Zen (in English), 1979, Thr Long Life, 1981, One Family-Two Worlds (in English), 1982, Poems after Chin Kuan, 1983, Poems after Tao Chien, 1984, 303 Poems after Tang Poets, 1986, Flying Clouds and Flowing Water, 1987, Poems after Wu Wen-Ying, 1988, Selected Plays, 1990, Eyebrows, 1991, Scietific Papers, 1992, Old Age, 1993, Clear Water and Beautiful Flowers, 1994, Recipient Gold medal Ministry Edn., Republic of China; Pro Mundi Beneficio Gold medal Brazilian Acad. Humanities, 1975; Gold medal Chinese Inst. Elec. Engrs., 1972. Fellow Academia Sinica, IEEE (Lamme Medal 1972), Instn. Elec. Engrs. (London); mem. Am. Soc. Engring. Edn., Internat. Union Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (mem. Gen. assembly), U.S. Nat. Com. on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Sigma Xi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Tau Phi.

Source : Marquis' Who's Who in the World, 12nd Edition